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Marcos Placona

Developer Evangelist @ Twilio

Marcos Placona is a developer evangelist at Twilio, a company founded to disrupt telecommunications.

He spends most of his time working with Java and .Net open source projects while equipping and inspiring developers to build killer applications. He’s also a great API enthusiast and believes they bring peace to the Software Engineering world.

Just queue it!

“How many times did you have to get two different API’s to communicate with each other and were left wondering what was the best way to get them talking? XML? JSON? HTTP?
Sound familiar?
You have used service oriented architecture but your projects turned out “speaking different languages” and you’re now faced with the arduous task of being the translator.
Life’s too short and #yolo! Although you may have opted for the most appropriate technology, the correct design pattern and the optimal algorithms, if you don’t get your applications talking correctly they will be as good as a plate of spaghetti.
In my presentation I’ll show you the secret many companies have been using for years to be able scale and respond to requests faster. I’ll show you a demo of a life-like application that consumes messages added to a queue and deals with them in a different process.
I will tell you about some of the things you should look for when choosing your messaging system, and what are the things to look for when you start developing your messaging system.”
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